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When you receive the notification saying that you been admitted to one of the best medical university in the world, you might want to sit down and read those words slowly and clearly in your mind “Conditionally admitted”. I had to google it to be sure what it meant and when I was able to sink it in, it was to be honest so relieving, waiting for a decision is not an easy task. My name is Rahul and I study in the Master’s programme in Health Economics, Policy and Management and it’s been a long journey. It’s said…

The moment when you press the “Submit” button on the online thesis page your heart does surely skip a beat. After the submission, I sat back in my chair and took a deep breath. Although it was a big step I never felt that it was the end of a journey, rather a new beginning. What KI has taught me is immense. It was not to be content with what I have but to use what I have learned to tackle those global challenges with a strong heart. …

An Impact story from Bihar

Infographic on newborn health

When it comes to collaborating, and working together in sync, we always have to understand the level of communication, understanding, and the push for a focused goal. Somewhere down the line, different sets of people with varied upbringing and diverse value systems with their knowledge, patience, and perseverance play an important role. This was what saved the lives of twin babies of a Mother, who is 26 years old within a remote village called Jorja situated in Darbhanga district in Bihar. …

Rahul Kanjilimadom

An ardent learner📝 working to solve healthcare’s e-learning 💻challenges | Masters in Health Economics, Policy, and Management from Karolinska Institutet 🇸🇪

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