Am I ready to face the world? Graduating in 2020

The moment when you press the “Submit” button on the online thesis page your heart does surely skip a beat. After the submission, I sat back in my chair and took a deep breath. Although it was a big step I never felt that it was the end of a journey, rather a new beginning. What KI has taught me is immense. It was not to be content with what I have but to use what I have learned to tackle those global challenges with a strong heart. When I graduate, I am walking out into this world wide-eyed and curious.

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How did KI prepare me for this world?

There are no wrong questions!

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Research, research, and research

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Staying humble

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Always hopeful

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With graduation around the corner, this feeling of happiness and pride of completing two beautiful years in this university is immense. I wish to cherish this memory and move forward in life with these learnings. Only if words could display my emotions. It is truly an honour to be graduating with some of the brightest and most talented minds. The experience to study in this prestigious institute and to call myself an alumnus of KI is in itself the most valuable asset I could have.

Originally published at Karolinska Institutet student blogs.